企业 & 高管


We are dedicated to building meaningful long-term relationships with you, 你的员工, 和你的家人. 阅读更多 > Our consultants and relationship managers provide personalized attention in a family-friendly environment that giant banks and Wall-Street firms simply can’t match. Our experienced and responsive staff works diligently to ensure every detail is handled properly. Everyone at 卡罗莱纳州投资咨询 is committed to service that exceeds expectations. 九游会游戏官网的业务是为您服务的.


纵观九游会游戏官网20年的历史, we have helped businesses and 执行s navigate the complexities of modern finance.阅读更多 > Our consultants know the importance of listening carefully to understand each company and 执行’s unique situation. 多亏了九游会游戏官网的独立, we are free to pursue the best interests of our clients without the inherent conflicts found in well-known financial conglomerates that sell their own proprietary products.


Our clients benefit from all the expertise of our team of professionals working together to provide insights and guidance. 阅读更多 > This combined breadth and depth of knowledge lets us simplify the complex, 解决不确定性, and chart the best course for each company, 执行, 和家人. We combine considerable experience with a commitment to continuing 教育 and research. We have the joy of experiencing long-term trusted relationships with our corporate clients, 支撑开放, 有爱心的, and steady guidance throughout full market cycles.



The retirement plan landscape is changing rapidly; you deserve a partner who will be with you for the long run.  We take a refreshing approach to consulting.  Our independence as a Registered Investment Advisor allows us to remove the inherent conflicts of interest that exist at the large banks and insurance firms.  Our fiduciary practice and mindset seats us on the same side of the table as you and 你的员工.  We combine practical advice and institutional-caliber tools with industry best practices to improve your employee outcomes and protect you, the plan sponsor from the ever changing environment.  九游会游戏官网的服务包括:

  • 3(21)和3(38)信托服务
  • 投资计划菜单设计
  • Creation of the Investment Policy Statement
  • 记录者 & Third Party Administrator (TPA) RFPs
  • Use of independent providers to reduce conflicts of interest
  • Proprietary research, monitoring, and reporting
  • 参与者的教育
  • Risk based asset allocation and model portfolios
  • 性能报告



Partnering with our business owners and 执行s, we build lasting investment portfolios by drawing on the vast expertise of our team as well as institutional-caliber portfolio and risk analytics.  Each person has unique needs, challenges, wants, and desires.  We co-create portfolios with you by taking all facets of your life into account.  Our investment portfolios are built for the long term, with consideration for needs of the short term.  Our investing tenets guide our decision making at every turn:

  • 长期投资: We co-create an investment policy statement with you and set a long-term strategic asset allocation that serves as the basis for all investment decisions
  • 风险管理: Unlike other consulting and advisory firms, we don’t believe that volatility necessarily equals risk.  We define risk as the permanent loss of capital.  As such, we focus on downside risk and the perils that come with large losses.
  • 养老方式: We believe in a total return approach to investing.  Income investing can be a great marketing tool but in reality, many clients are better off creating a reasonable spending policy and receiving gains from a combination of capital appreciation and income.
  • 客观的建议: Our Consultants and in-house research team pride themselves on providing objective, 无冲突的投资建议.  With no proprietary products and no affiliation with asset management firms, we are free to pursue the best interest of our clients.


There are many moving pieces when it comes to your personal financial life.  Add a business on top of that and you’re looking at a very complicated financial picture.  In complex circumstances such as this, an organized financial plan that builds, 保护, and sustains your legacy is critical.  Having gained a deep understanding of your goals from working with you through the organization and data gathering process, your CIC team will develop a plan that lines up with your wishes and complements your central source of wealth: your business.

随着业务的发展和成熟, we will continue to work with you to ensure your plan evolves as well.  With knowledge ranging from cash flow and debt management to insurance and tax planning, you can feel confident that your CIC team will be ready to answer questions and alleviate your concerns.

When it comes time to retire or separate from your business, we’ll address succession goals and put a transition plan into place. Having experienced this kind of change with our clients many times before, we’re able to prepare you for the decisions and challenges that may come with your individual situation.

  • 保险审查: 如果你已经有保险的话, your CIC team can review your current policies for red flags related to your risk exposure.  如果需要保险, we, in conjunction with your insurance advisor, can help you understand what type of protection may be appropriate for you and your business.
  • 企业福利回顾: Having reviewed many benefit packages for clients in the past, your CIC team has the experience needed to understand and explain even the most complex situations and answer any questions that may arise.
  • 继承 & 遗产规划: Partnering with you and your attorney, Your CIC team will develop an exit planning strategy that complements your succession wishes and overall financial plan.
  • 慈善和家庭内礼品: If you are charitably inclined or interested in passing wealth to your loved ones, your CIC team can help facilitate the most efficient ways for you or your business to gift to the individuals, 组织, 以及你们所珍惜的社区.
  • 退休计划 & 预测: Your CIC team will help you define and prioritize your retirement goals as well as address the array of saving vehicles that may be available to you.  一旦目标确立, we can run projections and talk through the tradeoffs that come with adjusting key variables.  这些变量包括, 但并不局限于, 退休年龄, 预计年度支出, 以及活期存款利率.
  • 集中库存 & 多样化的投资组合管理: Many 执行s and business owners have company stock or business assets that make up a large portion of their net worth.  如果你是这样的话, your CIC Team will be sure to manage your CIC portfolio in such a way that creates an overall portfolio allocation that matches your risk tolerance.


有句老话说, “Fortunes are made through concentration and are kept through diversification.”  Your wealth that’s concentrated in a single asset is both a blessing and a curse.  CIC’s considerable expertise and experience can help you preserve and grow your wealth through concentration management strategies such as:

  • 家庭的礼物: Our clients often enjoy seeing their wealth passed on to the next generation and concentrated positions create an opportunity to accelerate that transfer of wealth. We can help you brainstorm ways to execute these gifts, 要么彻底, 在信任, 通过家族有限合伙, 或其他转移方法.
  • 慈善礼物: If you feel strongly about leaving a charitable legacy, utilizing highly appreciated or concentrated holdings can be a powerful way to fund this goal. We can facilitate intra-life transfers to donor-advised funds, 私人基金会, 慈善信托基金, or directly to your favorite charities.
  • 训练有素的剥离: Over time, business owners and 执行s accumulate concentrated wealth by nature of their position. For those who want to manage their portfolio risk in a more traditional way, we implement tax-conscious diversification plans while coordinating with any deferred compensation and observing trading restrictions when necessary.
  • 衍生品策略: If you feel strongly about maintaining your exposure to a specific company, we can design an investment plan to offset the corresponding risk associated with your position. 导数的使用, such as buying put options or selling call options, can be an effective way to achieve a lower level of portfolio risk while leaving your holdings intact.

May we help your family and you keep what you’ve earned?


You have spent years building a successful enterprise and now it is time to think about what happens when you exit. 谁将接管? 你会参与多少? How many more years until you transition out? Your CIC team will partner with you and your other professional advisors to walk through the exit planning process.

  • 内部或第三方转账
  • 慈善或家庭内赠与
  • 房地产 & 税收的影响
  • 业务持续计划


An influx of cash can be overwhelming to manage. You may be unsure of how best to balance cash needs and preserve what you 和你的家人 have built. Your CIC team can help you navigate these scenarios with confidence.

  • 出售生意或房地产
  • 递延补偿
  • 股票期权或限制性股票
  • 遣散费


Many of our business owner and 执行 clients share two common traits – a lack of time and the need to stay organized.  It’s for that reason that we dedicate a leather bound binder, 叫做家庭组织者, 给九游会游戏官网的每一位客户.

The Family Organizer is intended to be a collection of your most important financial documents.  These documents include Corporate Benefits, 纳税申报表, 保险政策, 现金流分析,  净资产语句, 和其他重要文件.  This gathering provides the basis for developing overall financial strategies and making appropriate investment recommendations.

The Family Organizer will be kept safely at our office in a protected room to ensure your personal information remains secure, 私人, 并可用于每次审查.


对于那些在职业生涯中挣扎的人来说, 家庭和社区义务, CIC offers a comprehensive family office service: your outsourced “CFO”. Your CIC team will handle your family’s financial needs with the utmost care and professional diligence.  服务包括:

  • 现金流预测和监控
  • Income tax review and strategies (in coordination with your tax advisor)
  • 房地产 Planning and Wealth Transfer (in coordination with your attorney)
  • Education Planning and Family Gifting
  • 多代计划 & 教育
  • 风险管理和资产保护
  • 投资管理

  • 帐户访问